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Kick-start Package


6 x 1.5hr weekly sessions 

  • Do you feel stuck in your life?

  • Are you dealing with chronic stress or overwhelm?

  • Do you have recurring negative thought patterns that you can't seem to break?

The Kick-start package aims to cultivate self-awareness and address any subconscious beliefs and thought patterns that may be contributing to the way you think, feel and behave today. By the end of the 6 weeks, you will feel empowered whilst embarking on your wellbeing journey, have in-depth understanding of the mind-body connection, know how to retrain your brain to work with you rather than against you and be equipped with tools and techniques to continue on your journey to a healthier and happier version of yourself. 

Surviving to Thriving Package


(Payment Plan Available 
3 x £365.67)

  • Have you dealt with chronic stress for a long time?

  • Are you perhaps suffering with physical symptoms as a result of the chronic fight/flight response?

  • Do you want to invest in a programme that is going to guide you to not only greater wellbeing, but also to your true, authentic, best self?

This 12 week comprehensive programme is comprised of all of the knowledge I have accumulated on my own journey, inner child work, nervous system regulation tools & techniques, brain retraining methods & practices and a framework that will enable you to delve deep into your own unique make-up, reconnect with yourself and become your own hero along this journey we call life.  

12 x 1.5hr weekly sessions 


What can I help you with?

  • Finding outdated subconscious beliefs & patterns that may not be serving you  

  • Guiding you in cultivating a high degree of self-awareness 

  • Assisting you in identifying and challenging how your needs are being met 

  • Equipping you with a huge variety of stress reduction, nervous system regulation and brain retraining tools and techniques 

  • Helping you to upgrade any unwanted habits

  • Bringing awareness to anything that may be keeping you in a sympathetic state (fight/flight) 

  • Empowering you to become a conscious creator of your own wellbeing 

  • Reconnecting you with your inner child to facilitate healing 

  • Educating you on the mind-body connection

  • Guiding you to find what lights your unique soul up 

  • Providing you with a safe space to explore anything that may be hindering you in becoming the very best version of you 

  • Assisting you in reaching your goals and overcoming any challenges 

  • Helping you to bring more fun, joy and overall satisfaction into your life 

  • Championing you on your journey to greater health and happiness 

Can I do the package online?

Yes. We offer both packages online via zoom if you are not local or unable to attend in-person sessions. The room hire cost has been deducted from each of the packages when choosing to go online:

Kick-start Package: £507 Surviving to Thriving Package: £917 (or 3 x £305.67)

What's included in the packages?

  • 9/18 hours of 1-1 in-person/zoom coaching 

  • Email/ voice note/ message support in between sessions

  • 6/12 comprehensive summary session reports

  • Healing homework each week

  • Additional resources as applicable

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