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Do you feel like you are simply

You deserve to THRIVE!

Are you living in a state of

  • Do you experience frequent anxiety, panic and nervousness?

  • Do you feel constantly overwhelmed and on edge?

  • Do you struggle to regulate your emotions?

  • Are you suffering with digestive symptoms?

  • Do you find yourself low in energy or fatigued?

  • Do you struggle with low mood or extreme changes in mood?
  • Are you highly sensitive to external stimuli?

  • Do you experience chronic pain and or symptoms?

  • Do you find yourself reacting rather than responding?

  • Do you have regular changes in your appetite & cravings?

  • Is your immune system functioning sub-optimally?

  • Are your hormones all over the place?

  • Do you constantly feel triggered?

  • Do you have issues with your sleep?

  • Do you struggle with self-sabotage?

  • Do you prioritise other peoples needs before your own?

Are you living in a state of survival?

Hi, I'm Kelly...

I'm a certified Holistic Life Coach & Mind/Body Practitioner.

I help people who are struggling with chronic stress, perhaps who have physical symptoms due to being in a state of survival or that are feeling stuck in their lives. I help people take their power back so that they can begin to thrive, rather than just survive, on their journey to greater health, happiness and life satisfaction! I help to guide people whilst they embark on their unique journey of becoming the person they wish and deserve to be. I help you to become a conscious creator of your wellbeing.

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My Sessions with Kelly have been eye opening and life changing. She has been very welcoming from the start and made me feel at ease throughout the process. I've done different therapies in the past and not ever felt like I've 'clicked' with that person, I definitely felt that with Kelly.


I didn't know anything about Mind Body coaching before meeting Kelly, but from the very first session I can see the value of this practice and have become an advocate of this process. I've talked about it to my friends and family and have recommended it to many people, particularly sessions with Kelly because she is so natural and good at it.


I felt so comfortable talking to Kelly, I knew I could say anything at all and it would be accepted with no judgement. Kelly is a great listener, she really took the time to understand the issues I was facing, she built up my confidence and belief in myself and had a really positive impact on me and my life and my family. She made me feel like she truly cared, not just because she was doing her job, but because she really wanted to help me.

How can you work with me?

I offer two signature transformation programmes, consisting of 1-1 'in person' or online coaching in Thame, Oxfordshire.

And breathe

So, what is the chronic stress response?

We have an in built survival mechanism called the 'fight or flight' response which was created primarily to help us in times of facing danger or threat. Think about what would happen if you were out walking and saw a hungry tiger looking your way. Your heart rate would get faster in order to increase oxygen flow to your major muscles so that they are primed for fighting or fleeing for your life! Non essential bodily functions such as digestion would come to a halt in order to send blood & vital energy elsewhere. Your senses would become extremely heightened, including the dilation of your pupils and the sharpening of your hearing. Now this survival mechanism is thankfully no longer needed as much as it would have been centuries ago HOWEVER our physical make up has not changed. Our survival brain does not know the difference between an actual threat or a perceived threat and it will elicit the same fight or flight response so that it doesn't take any chances. 

The chronic stress response is when our brain is perceiving danger constantly. Our body stays in a permanent state of fight/flight or survival because our brain believes it is too risky to let its guard down. This chronic stress response can occur for a whole variety of reasons including childhood/ unprocessed past trauma, repressed emotions, illness or poor physical health, loss of a loved one, major life events, ongoing financial/environmental/relationship stress or a combination of them all! We all have a unique story and have all been through individual past experiences, therefore each of us will perceive stress slightly differently. Our primitive brain also loves familiarity and detests the unknown - with no real regard for your happiness, just for your survival. Therefore if it believes that it has done a great job in keeping you safe so far, it will continue to repeat the same thoughts, feelings and behaviours - regardless if these do not really serve your highest self, remember it only cares about your survival. It will keep choosing to go down the same well worn, conditioned neural pathways that were created months, years, decades ago because it believes it is keeping you safe in doing so. So what happens when you are sick of thinking, feeling and behaving in the same way? This is where our work begins!

Do you have any questions?

Take a look at this extensive list of FAQ's to have your questions answered about the coaching process. Still have a question? Pop me an email on and I will be happy to help!

Let's have a chat!

I offer a FREE 15 min phone call to answer any questions you may have and to discuss whether my coaching packages may be right for you. Prefer to email? No problem - I am always happy to help.

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